August 9, 2023 5:25 am Published by

Because trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, you can never learn too much about it. Building trust requires consistency with your effort and intentions. Here’s part two of yesterday’s blog, let’s get practicing! 

  1. Help First: Offer support and assistance when you can, building a sense of mutual reliability. For many of us, asking for help is challenging. When others help you without asking or waiting to be told, it’s a sign of understanding and care. Pay attention and step in when you see others need it. 

  1. Go First: Share your feelings openly. Be vulnerable and authentic in sharing your emotions. When you do so, you open the door for others to do the same. 

  1. Admit Mistakes: Acknowledge your errors and take responsibility for them. Honesty in owning up to slip-ups strengthens trust. If you’re growing, you’re making mistakes.  

  1. Apologize: Sincerely apologize when you blew it or let someone down. Take the initiative to do so before there is a void in your relationship. The longer you wait, the larger the chasm between you. It costs nothing and offers an opportunity to build stronger relationships knowing you’ll get through the hard things together. 

  1. Be Honest: Even when it’s uncomfortable, find a way to offer the truth in a kind way. Any circumvention of the truth leads to confusion or illusion. Say it clearly with kindness. 

  1. Be True to You: Be genuine and true to who you are, no matter what. This is the foundation of trusting yourself and where it all begins. When you trust yourself, everything gets easier. 

By incorporating these 11 practices into your daily life, you’ll create a trusting environment, deepening your connections, leading to more fulfilling relationships. Remember, trust is earned over time, so be patient and committed to building it one experience at a time.