December 29, 2021 5:41 am Published by

New technology pushes me. 

I have a love hate relationship with new technology. 

Prior to purchase, I look forward to it and the results of what it enables are seductive and motivating. If I find a deal online, it moves me to act. Whether I contemplate for a minute or a month, I am excited to be more efficient and effective by the thought of it. 

Then it arrives. Whether the new version of a phone, my portable tablet, camera, or newest tool – a digital whiteboard, I anticipate opening it and being proficient in using all the capabilities.  

That’s never happened.  

Not once. 

The learning curve to use new technology is seemingly longer and more challenging than any demonstration of use by a proficient person.  

And the learning begins. Patience, repetition, resaving passwords, and a steep learning curve. Frustration is embedded in my learning curve, yet I’ll persist in pursuit of the results. 

Once learned, possibilities abound.  

It’s just like everything else, embrace it and the sky is the limit.  

Your pace, your promise