June 11, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Your Butt’s Not Big Enough #82

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you started your business with a great idea and did everything yourself. As your business grew, did you fully remove yourself from most of these functions, replacing yourself with a more energetic, competent version of yourself? Did you begin with those things you weren’t good at and didn’t enjoy, or happened to be good at and didn’t enjoy? Did you “let go” once the new person was in place and established their competence?

When you are sitting in more than one seat (EOS term for job function), no matter how competent you are, you can’t serve both roles 100%. Picture yourself attempting to sit on two chairs at the same time. You’d be uncomfortable, shaky, and even with your BEST efforts, you’d only have one cheek on each seat.

Best case scenario with the most competent person available, you’d be doing each role half-assed!

This metaphor hits home with my clients because it rings true, and most of them are experiencing this as we begin our work together. One leader even declared he was in three seats and was tired because he’s been attempting a tri-ass-alon and isn’t in shape for it!

Being in multiple seats is an uncomfortable and ineffective place to be. It leaves you and your team overextended and holds the company back while exposing it to greater risk. What can you do if you’re in too many seats? Contact us, we can help: info@sayyess.com

As your company grows, it’s important your structure grows with it. Although you started your company from the ground up and previously filled many seats, that’s no longer an option. You need tools and a system to help you see exactly where you’re constrained and exactly who or what’s holding your company back.

Remember, if your butt’s in more than one seat, their butt won’t fit. The way to get your company to grow, remove the discomfort and perform better is to learn to “let go” strategically and systematically and stay in YOUR seat.