June 9, 2022 5:35 am Published by

You never know. 

This week, I received two sincere gifts.  

Two people in my life, who I don’t know really well reached out to express deeply felt gratitude for interactions we’d had. One reached me by voicemail and one by email. Both were moving and brought me to tears. 

Both people went out of their way – their habits and routines – and intentionally left messages which made an imprint on my heart.  

Neither had to do so, they made time and took the effort to do so. 

I didn’t think either interaction was a big deal, in fact, I didn’t remember one of them as significant. 

Yet it was.  

How often do I speed bump past the opportunity to let others know the difference they’ve made when I most needed it? 

How do I extend myself so others can feel their impact when unintended? 

How do I get off autopilot to impact others in a way that leaves an indelible mark on their heart? 

Usually, it’s because I care, not because I set out to do so. 

Thanks Tim and Mike, I am grateful.