September 18, 2023 5:17 am Published by

Most of us are juggling priorities every day, with multiple meetings, emails, and countless deadlines all vying for our attention. It’s an endless loop with our brains going in a million different directions. But creativity and intuition don’t thrive in that flurry. They need space to come to the table.  

I like to say that you need to create space to have the space to create – that’s where the magic happens. When it partners with your logical side, your intuition becomes a superhero, guiding you through tough decisions, and creativity dances in, bringing innovative ideas to the party. While this can seem like the “soft stuff,” you and your business need it to grow.  

Do you have dedicated time for mental space? Do you have hours where you’re free of distractions, with the only purpose simply to be, to dream and think? If not, it’s time to create the space. You’ll be surprised at the answers that flow when you do.  

You can be a good leader without dedicated mental space, but you’ll never be great. Greatness comes from thinking and making room to weigh all that is happening. 

I believe so strongly in having a practice for mental space, that I created a journal designed specifically for busy leaders like you – the 365-Day Maximizing Success Journal. Check it out here and live in a less stressed, more vibrant future.