March 1, 2023 5:40 am Published by

Dr. James Hollis offers “In the end we will only be transformed when we can recognize and accept the fact that there is a will within each of us, quite outside the range of conscious control, a will which knows what is right for us, which is repeatedly reporting to us via our bodies, emotions, and dreams and is incessantly encouraging our healing and wholeness.”  

I’ve long believed we all know what we need.  

Deep down, that is. 

When you’re still, centered, and present. 

There’s a knowing beyond the intellect, triggering our body to signal when we’re “off” track. When we’re still, we feel it. Our other intelligences are attempting to get our attention. This can mean signals like lack of sleep, headaches, aches of other kinds, a sick feeling in our stomach and so on. 

Most of us mute those pains in various ways.  

We don’t want to feel it, all the while paying attention to the pain while becoming curious. 

The pain becomes nagging and can become chronic until we must respond. 

Perhaps it would be easier to listen, become still, centered, and present. 

This is where true transformation begins.  

Listening to your ever-present knowing.