June 10, 2020 8:34 am Published by

There’s been a lot of unpredictable, unforeseen things happening this spring. Most of which has challenged the best of us. 

Truthfully, this past weekend was the first full day off I’ve taken since March 10th. While I’ve taken hours and partial days, like many people, I’ve been working more than usual to adjust to the ever changing landscape in front of me and my clients.  

A little over a week ago when I was feeling particularly fatigued, emotional and worried about loved ones, my beautiful city and our collective future, another unpredictable, unforeseen thing happened. 

@ChrisBabiash sent me a package.  

He sent me a beautiful trophy of our new logo with my name on it (pictured above) and a simple note. He said, “if anyone deserves this, it’s you.” 

It was a thoughtful, simple game changer on a day I needed it. With a simple gift, Chris reminded me to be truly at peace and in touch with myself, where nothing anyone says or does bothers me. It grounded me back to my purpose and symbolized goodness and possibility. 

That trophy will forever symbolize hope amidst tragedy for me. Thank you @chrisbabiash.  

You don’t always know the full impact of your actions. #speakup