June 9, 2020 7:28 am Published by

Some experiences give you hope. No matter how hopeless things may seem at times, we all have visual reminders of hope. It’s no surprise, with a last name like Hawkes, why for me they often involve birds of prey. 

Every time I see a hawk perched on highway lights or flying by, I am immediately connected with my Mom, Dad and brother who have passed away. It’s commonplace for me to say “hi Mom, hi Dad or hi Bill” every time. It’s a visual I never tire of which connects me to my family who are no longer alive, while offering peace, connectedness and happy memories every time.  

I was recently in a clarity break taking time to breathe, think and let my mind wander. This break gives me great perspective as I process the events of the past weeks and months surrounding C-19, including all the things we’ve learned and evolved into, as well as the murder of George Floyd and all the events following his death. It’s been a lot and it will take time to work through the plethora of all that’s happened.  

Following my clarity break, we went for a ride on our pontoon boat. This is one of my favorite activities and I never tire of it. While we were out, I noticed an eagle circling near us. The eagles visit often, yet we don’t often see them midday. As it circled above us, a wave of peace and hope washed over me. I grabbed my phone and captured a video of the eagle catching a fish and flying away right next to our boat.  

That 19 second video reminds me of the peace and hope offered every day when I am present. Will I see it?