November 8, 2021 5:15 am Published by

When I think of who I am, how I live and the choices I make daily, I am the sum of those who have mentored, taught, and guided me directly and indirectly. Whether I consciously or unconsciously recognize it, I’m sorting what fits, makes sense and doesn’t all the time. 

Some of those people in my life are at a near heroic status, as I’d like to emulate their behaviors and may not see myself in the same light. Others have shown me what not to do, have been the guides who demonstrated actions and made choices that help me clarify what I don’t want.  

Either way, these souls have each played their part in galvanizing the human I am today and for that, I’m grateful.  

Who has shaped the you who is present today?  

Day 6: Consider the mentors, teachers, and guides who’ve contributed to the person you are today. Thank them mentally or take the time to do so directly. You are a better version of yourself because of them.