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Being a beginner is a blast when you let yourself be just that: a beginner.

If you read blog 269, you know I’m learning to play drums. When I was a kid, it was a chore to practice. I had a flute and I didn’t want to learn how to play it, but I did. With drums, it’s different, I’m excited to practice and can’t wait for my next lesson.

These are some things I was keenly aware of in my first drum lesson:

  • My teacher was encouraging of everything I did. He focused on what was natural and easy for me and reinforced it.
  • He played along. He didn’t just tell me and then watch; he played, showed, and enjoyed drumming with me.
  • He asked great questions and took me further than he planned based on what was working.
  • He paid attention to what my end game was – to play on the kit, wondering if I would ever be able to have my feet and hands move independently. We did it in our first lesson…EXCEEDED expectations.
  • He made it fun and gave me homework I wanted to do. I was sent home with a practice pad and drumsticks – now I feel like it’s real!
  • He emailed me a folder to hear and see what I need to learn.
  • He made it easy for me to have fun.
  • He encouraged me to make mistakes, reminding me that music is flawed and some of the best music was a result of those mistakes.
  • He reminded me that music is about “playing,” not working.

These are lessons for all of us to apply when leading others or learning something in any capacity. Which one(s) apply to you right now?

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