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Where You Begin #221

Leadership. Managing your mindset when you lack results is often the hardest part of leading, and that applies in business and sports. The game is easy; people are not.

As the final Vikings/Packers game approaches, I’m reminded of what turned Aaron Rodgers’ game around when it was lagging (which was a brief, and rare occurrence). As quoted in ABC News sports from January 2017, I use this example with many clients as his mastery and composure as outlined in the article are exemplary of mastery for anyone in a leadership position.

To recap from the article: “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” is a business book. It’s about the problems teams face as they try to “row together.” Rodgers calls it a “phenomenal read for anybody in a leadership position.”

“One [part] that especially talked to me about this team,” Rodgers said, “was communication and conflict and being comfortable having issues with teammates and resolving them and moving forward in a positive way and not having that fear of conflict, which I think alienates and isolates individuals. Being comfortable talking to people and letting them talk to you about issues they have and being constructive and positive in your reaction to that.”

I’ll let you read the article, and suffice to say, we could all take a page from his book as he turned a losing season into a playoff opportunity with his learning. Leadership is a mindset. The results are an outcome. Your mindset is where you begin.

(And I’m 100% rooting for the Vikings!)

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