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Where Is The Music? #179

Recently, I was reminded of a great quote commonly attributed to Miles Davis. The quote states, “the music is in the space between the notes.” But the quote is from Claude Debussy. Space affords us the opportunity to witness beauty.

Have you ever seen the moon rise? It’s an incredible experience when you can sit still watching a landmark and see the moon appear and rise above it.

I was outside enjoying a pleasant evening, reflecting on my day, my life and letting my thoughts generally meander as I gazed at a desert mountain range. I was peaceful, it was warm and there were no distractions. I was fully present.

As I gazed, I saw a sliver of the moon crest the top of one of the mountain peaks. Initially, I wasn’t sure what it was, it began as an iridescent sliver edging the mountain as if nature had taken a fluorescent white highlighter to the silhouette of the mountain. I was captured.

In a matter of three to five minutes, a full moon had emerged as I watched in awe at the splendor of it.

I am aware the moon and sun don’t rise; observing the moon offered me a way of “seeing” our Earth’s rotation. Slowing down to be present for the majesty of what is always occurring instead of immersing myself in my normal daily “busyness” gave me perspective regarding all that is happening to support my lifestyle.

What contributed to this presence? Two things: quieting my mind and having space.

This experience made me feel safe and it made me feel small. I felt like a witness to a miracle in those moments. It awakened a deeper part of me which gave me space to separate from the distractions I’ve made more important than the truly important things in my life (people and experiences).

The music is most certainly in “the space between the notes” when we’re present for it.

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