December 2, 2021 5:39 am Published by

The older I get, the more I appreciate my health. 

Being of support to others or observing couples and families or work teams as they navigate health challenges has been one of the most sobering experiences in my life.  

To be on the sidelines, feeling out of control, knowing your family and friends are fighting every day for their life or to feel better is a humbling experience. It’s caused me to reflect, appreciate, and effort to care for myself and my body well beyond my comfort at times. Perhaps it’s one of the things I can control in the wake of someone’s battle and be of support to those in my life at the same time. 

I certainly took my health for granted when I was younger, I no longer do. I won’t. It’s the foundation for all other success to grow from. It’s the difference of planting seeds in rich, fertile soil or sand. Only certain things will grow in each environment. 

How do I care for myself and my health each day?  

Day 24: Consider reflecting about your health today. Appreciate the practices you have that sustain you right now, notice any areas you’d like to improve. Consider exploring your sleep, water intake, movement or activity level, mental wellbeing practices (meditation, journaling, breathing), stretching, thinking time/space, time with friends, fun and recreation, diet, etc…health goes beyond food and exercise, it’s what feeds the best of you every day. What’s your menu?