May 3, 2020 4:24 pm Published by

Thinking about the future. Are you doing so? If not, it might be a good time to begin. 

I’ve completed scenario planning with most of my clients, it’s been empowering and uplifting to have a solid foundation to work from as we return to work and redesign how we work into the future. It’s always easier to plan when you’re logical and the plans are not yet needed. Waiting until you need to scenario plan puts you at a disadvantage as you’re emotional and reacting. Please do the work now. Best case scenario, you’ll never need them, which means you’re doing well. 

Are you prepared? Have you looked at what structure will support your business most efficiently into the foreseeable future?  

There are many things to considerhere’s a start: 

  • Space, how will you use your offices? How can you use common spaces safely and sanitarily? 
    • Kitchens, conference rooms, bathrooms, shared equipment 
    • Do you need office space at all?  
    • Do you need more space? Can you get by with less space? 
  • Do you have the measurables and deliverables you need to clearly determine success for distanced working?  
  • Will you maintain a 5-day work week, or will that change? 
  • How about your hours for engagement with your team? Your clients? 
  • What will your process be for returning to work? 
  • What will your process be for engaging with clients at your offices? When will you invite them back? 
  • What new processes do you need to return and ensure safety? 
  • What practices, processes and behaviors will you keep from your pre-pandemic world? 
  • What practices, processes and behaviors will you keep from your distance working world? 
  • What do you need to imagine to maximize the possibilities for yourself, your team and your business going forward? 

This is a running start to the questions you and your team should consider. Use these and our videos to work with your leadership team as you return to your offices. If you need help with any of it, reach me, I’m happy to help!