April 25, 2022 7:12 am Published by

When you’re setting goals, you’re asking a “what” question.  

What does done look like? What outcome are you seeking? We’re asking specifically what has been accomplished when you get to the end of your promise. 

Where many people get hung up is in the “how.” 

A need to know the exact path, consider all the obstacles and barriers, challenges and unanswered questions can paralyze people with over-analysis, transforming into fear while draining energy and enthusiasm for what’s possible. 

Questions to check your motivation if you ask “how?” in the way described above: 

  1. Are the answers I’m seeking providing clarity or not? 

  1. Is this helping forward progress or not? 

  1. Am I avoiding accountability? 

Remember, there are infinite hows when you’re committed to what. Getting stuck on how is a predictable way to avoid doing new things to make results happen.