March 27, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Well Intentioned Doesn’t Mean It’s Helpful #28

I’m wrestling with something. It’s my own well intentioned yet non-helpful behaviors. While I like to think of myself as an open minded, open-hearted, helpful person, the reality may be that while my intentions are good, they’re not as thoughtful as they need to be for those I’m trying to help. As a result, I may be causing harm, enabling others or creating barriers.

It’s not a new concept to me, it’s the realization of how I’m doing it. Well intentioned or not, I need to learn and be better. Through a great series of unrelated events (a Racial Equity workshop with Nekima Levy Armstrong, a podcast with Kate Grathwol of Vision Loss Resources and a series of challenges with travels in Scottsdale, AZ), I’m realizing I have more to learn about the distinction of “being helpful” versus asking others how I can best help, support and partner before responding. I think my eagerness to do the right thing and act quickly may have gotten the best of me here.

I’m not done with this learning at all. I’m marinating in the challenges right now. I’d welcome you to join me. I am continuing this learning journey partnering with those who get better every day, intentionally. I’ve got plenty of good work to do, with a grateful heart.