May 20, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Well-Established Habits #66

It’s hard being a beginner, especially with well-established habits.

I’m beginning a new practice with time off. It’s started with this question: What would I do with today if no one knew about it? In other words, what would be my activities of choice if I had no responsibilities for other deliverables or to other people?

It was amazing for me to pose the question this way as the list of options my mind generated immediately were all fun things, “me” things, things I’ve not done for a while. I was joyful just thinking about them!

Immediately, my rational, responsible, disciplined brain kicked in and crushed my creative flood with all the things I need to get done for the many commitments I/we (family, home, friends and work) have. That list usually wins. Today, it was winning as usual and at 10:30am I’ve done only things that forward work. No surprises here, this is a well-traveled road in my world. I am overly defined by my productivity.

Then a game changing text came in reminding me of the fragility of life.

Enough. I’m making a hard turn back to my first list now. Life is short. Today will not be won by my well-practiced work habits. I will instead focus on the joyful list I cascaded readily when asking myself the right question. It’s time for me to build a new muscle. How about you, do need to make any hard turns?