June 29, 2020 7:20 am Published by

It’s interesting to me to see how perception shapes reality. I scarcely view social media these days, as I’ve noticed my peace of mind and happiness are more accessible when I spend less time online. It’s also less desirable to spend time on a screen as that seems to also consume many work days. 

When I do visit social media these days, it seems most posts are polarized at worst, taking the same data and skewing it to that person’s political affiliation. One friend’s post cited the news reports in the five states where C-19 is spiking currently (TX, AZ, FL, OK) as some sort of democratic plot to stop Trump’s rally’s; another friend uses the same information to point out the Republican Governor’s in those states opened too soon/poorly.  

Perception is reality; to stay fixed in your opinion and react to the position you do not easily identify with leaves you cognitively blind, meaning you truly can’t see all that is available.  

We must open our minds and our hearts, or we will perish. 

We cannot remain silent; we must learn to build bridges.  

We can disagree and still get along.  

Can we be gracious enough to learn together? Learning only happens through mutual respect.  

We have work to do.