May 19, 2020 7:00 am Published by

We can learn a lot from trees. When we think of strength, we often equate it to something like an oak tree. It’s been referenced as a tiny acorn growing into a “mighty oak” through many childhood stories.  

When people build, they use oak because it is hardsturdy and strong. They’d never consider using a soft wood for flooring when building something to last, it just won’t work. 

Yet think about when it’s storming outside. When the winds are fierce and the rain, thunderlightning and hail are pounding the Earth, would you rather be an oak or a willow tree? 

When the world around you is disrupted and chaotic, when it seems there are things coming at you from all directions with full intensity requiring you to bend, flex and respond immediately or risk breaking by over-analyzingremaining inflexible or tied to the way it was, which would you rather be? 

What seems like a soft, ambling, and delicate tree possesses the ability to respond effectively while enduring the most severe disturbances in nature and remain standing while the oak snaps, breaks or becomes unearthed due to its inflexibility. 

As you face the headwinds of 2020, pay attention. The willow trees will remain standing.