March 24, 2020 7:00 am Published by

During turbulent times, as a business leader, we must become the voice of reason amidst a sea of noise. What I’ve repeatedly discussed over the past several days with CEOs across the country is the notion of instilling confidence and optimism when the circumstances and conditions around us don’t support it.

Leaders are born and must rise during times like this. We must find the opportunities within the challenges, over-communicate, remind people of the wins, and celebrate every movement forward. We will all make mistakes. We’ve not been through this before and we certainly don’t have time to perfect our processes, but we can learn and improve daily.

Daily plans are replacing weekly, monthly, or quarterly plans at times. We stay the course and do the things promoting longevity. 

On a personal and business level, have you combed through expenses and removed anything on autopay, nice-to-haves vs. need-to-haves, and made a contingency plan around people? Before you lay people off, can hours shift, or jobs be shared? What can you do to be nimble in your response while preserving your core?

If your concern right now is whether you are under or overreacting, consider this: in the future, when we’ve once again stabilized, if you’ve overreacted, you’ll laugh and learn. If you’ve underreacted, you and your team may not have that opportunity.

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