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When you travel a lot, you find ways to make it easier, more efficient, and less stressful. I’ve accumulated some tips to make it easier for me to leave on a moment’s notice and make it a full week by only packing a carry on (most of the time). 

Here are my favorites as I’ve been asked for them frequently. Please add yours in the comments so we all learn some new tricks!

Buy at least one pair of Allbirds shoes (www.allbirds.com). You can walk all day and into the evening with your feet feeling fantastic. They are comfy, light, environmentally friendly, and look great.

No matter how comfortable my shoes are, I always take several pairs to ensure I can be on my feet all day. The days grow long in the same shoes when working and walking. Don’t underestimate the value of switching them up.

Use packing cubes. Take a few minutes to watch the videos on how to pack your clothing and follow along. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can pack.

When packing, lay out your outfits on your bed. Find a color theme and stick with it. I have my shoes, jewelry, and everything else laid out when I’m packing. I try to consolidate if I have extra clothing. I use the same outfit for the day I leave and the day I return (new underclothes and shirt). I rarely pack more than exactly what’s needed, other than undergarments.

For women, dresses are smaller to pack than two-piece outfits. I prefer them in warm climates, and there are many stores selling fabrics that don’t wrinkle.

When you arrive, unpack everything and hang anything that needs to lose its wrinkles in your bathroom. Run some hot water and close the door. It adds humidity to the dry hotel room and releases the wrinkles.

I have duplicates of all my toiletries and makeup always packed in my suitcase, so there’s nothing to remember. At the end of every trip, I refill whatever I used the last of.

Each day, at the end of the day, fold up dirty clothes and put them in your suitcase. I usually have one cube for dirty washables and if need be, one for dry cleaning. When I return home, I simply empty them into the laundry or dry-cleaning bag.

Check the weather where you’re going. We just returned from Tucson thinking we’d be warm, and it was 28 degrees in the evening and morning. Our pack-able down coats saved us. I almost always travel with one; they work in many climates and adjust well.

Have all the details for your trip in Outlook. It sounds simple, but having your calendar hold all the details simplifies your life and keeps you organized. A client of mine raved about the TripIt app which is also a great consolidator.

Please add your favorites in the comments – we can help each other!

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