October 14, 2022 5:35 am Published by

I was recently at a retreat at Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield, Wisconsin. (Please go there, it’s an amazing gem nestled on the shores of Lake Superior.) 

It was rejuvenating and timely for me. Personally, I’m working through a transition. It’s my own Phase Next approaching, I can sense it in many ways. Some include: 

  • Changes in my body: changes with sleep, weight gain, movement, aches that weren’t there before. 
  • Changes in my mind and mood: stress with things that don’t normally induce that reaction, irritation with people and society, worry where there was little or none. 

  • Changes with my attention: wondering about my focus or lack thereof, questioning my time and where I’m spending it, a wanderlust around things I’ve enjoyed previously, a feeling of being off kilter. 

I share this because though I’m disrupted at times, I’m at peace with this in-between season. While I’m not always enjoying the experience, I realize this is a process which will transform me and my life to the next best iteration of what’s possible.  

This quote by Osho framed up a more purposeful approach through this transition for me.  

“Remember one thing:  

That you should not leave the Earth until you have made it  

A little more beautiful.  

A little lovelier. 

A little more loving.”