April 21, 2022 5:34 am Published by

Life transitions. They’re messy.  

As I embrace a disruptive period in my life right now, I’m realizing the practices I’ve had, the things that worked up until about six months ago and the experience I’ve had is no longer the same. 

My health is important to me. As of my early 40s, I made a commitment to be at my “best” mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, financially, and intentionally by the time I was 50. It was a time when eight-ish years seemed eons away. It was a dark time in my life. Life in fact, was hard. It looked scarcely like it does today. 

I kept that promise, putting my health first in my planning. It hasn’t been seamless, I started with making time for 30 minutes of self-care a week. 

You read that right. After I established a consistent record of doing that well, it naturally increased. Today I am intentionally active 6/7 days every week. And with hormonal changes, it’s not working. 

I eat pretty clean, don’t eat much refined sugar, have adhered to vegetables first with protein as a primary diet and it’s not working the same.  

Time to shake it up. When your body plateaus, it’s talking to you. I’m listening. 

Rather than react, it’s time to respond with activity, kindness and embracing a new phase. I’m attuned to my body and appreciating I can respond to what it’s telling me or react to the plateau. 

Pay attention, the transitions let you know what to pay attention to.  

It’s usually inconvenient.