November 19, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Transitions #197

Transitions are challenging. They never happen seamlessly and everyone involved is adjusting. Whether that’s to a new job, the onset of new seasons or any of the many life changes we all encounter.

During the transition from Summer to Fall, as well as Spring to Summer, my patterns and habits transition as well. I purge old clothing I’ve not worn in a year; I make time to cook more in the fall, less in the spring as we move to lighter fare, I clean out the clutter and begin to ready myself for changing Minnesota weather.

The transition feels new every year, though I’m following the same patterns bi-annually. I’ve got renewed energy for making space, resetting life and moving at an altered pace from the previous season.

This doesn’t happen between Fall and Winter or Spring and Summer. Their transition is more subtle and graceful which doesn’t prompt changed behavior from me. It’s more of a continuation, fluid and gentle.

What’s the difference?

When the transition is more dramatic, we tend to respond accordingly. What if we accepted that we are always in transition? How would our perspective change?