July 28, 2022 5:25 am Published by

In the quiet still of the morning, everything seems possible. 

Hope is visceral, the day is new again. 

Peace envelops you. 

Within the stillness, the birds converse, the sun greets you, and the sparkling water dances with joy. 

When you unplug from the busyness, there is only space. 

When you pause, breathe, and embrace the day within this moment, the answers emerge. They are always there, ready when you are. 

Walking quietly into the morning, stepping outside to presence myself before racing headfirst into all there is to do, engaging with the beauty around me and the opportunities that exist calms my thinking. 

I’m grounded again, ready to make today all it can be. 

In this moment, I’ve wasted nothing.  

I am transformed.