January 17, 2023 5:25 am Published by

One of the joys we have at YESS! is working with clients we consider friends and family. 

It’s a joy because the vast majority of them feel the same way.  

When it comes time to making a connection, hiring a partner, making a referral, or helping others solve problems, our first thought is to connect everyone to our clients first.  

What’s equally inspiring is when we reach out and they reciprocate. As we look for our next partner, we reached out to one of our clients and they graciously referred to us as “friends and family.” 

When I step back to appreciate how connected we are, I find so much gratitude with the community we’ve created by doing work we love, with people we love while making a huge difference; it’s inspiring. 

It’s no surprise referrals and connections are abundant. Equally so is our appreciation. 

It’s times like these it doesn’t feel like work, and when it’s challenging, we don’t feel alone. 

The gift of small business keeps giving. 

Thank you for being our soft place to land, our inspiration, and our connection to something bigger in the name of business. 

In Chinese, the word business means “to help each other make a meaningful living.”