August 4, 2022 6:19 am Published by

A few months ago, I attended a number of conferences as I have many spring times prior. Most often, it’s exhilarating, and my love of learning is replenished. 

It was different this year. 

It’s been disruptive and difficult. This is always the precursor to significant change for me. 

When it’s time, life as usual no longer makes sense. 

The disruption is forcing change, making it too uncomfortable to proceed with business-as-usual, automatic thinking and behavior. While it’s challenging, even painful at times, the wiser part of me knows it’s beneficial.  

At the time, I fight it. This is where the pain comes from.  

During the journey, I begin to embrace it. 

Looking back, it all makes sense. 

Arriving today, it’s exhilarating and clear. 

The beginning is a disruptive intervention, the middle is messy and feels like failure, the new space is possibility filled and abundant. 

Life happens this way when you’re ready for it. 

It’s called growth.