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Great practices define you. What you do consistently determines what’s possible and available. This list of 25 tiny habits (practices) by Kim Quindlen in Thought Catalog is a great accumulation of little things which make a big difference over time. Practice some or all, most are a short time investment, with big returns. All 25 appear in blogs 242, 243, 244. Please share with others if helpful.

1. Read at least one book per month.

2. Write down your goals at the start of each week and each month.

3. And measure and track those goals throughout the year – actually look each goal in the face and be honest with yourself about what you did do and what you could have done better.

4. Dedicate just one day a week to eating no meat.

5. Turn your phone on silent before you share a meal with someone you care about.

6. Talk to someone you trust when you’re in pain, even if it’s what you consider a ‘small pain.’

7. Walk whenever you can and wherever you can.

8. Do everything in your power to be considerate of and aware of other people.

9. Say ‘yes’ to something that scares you, if you know that it will truly be good for you.

10. Write every day in a notebook, with the understanding that there are no rules, no one will ever see it, and that it’s simply a tool for you to get your thoughts out of your head and onto a piece of paper.

11. Become cognizant of your emotions in a way you never have before – by simply trying to address them and name them, instead of treating them like a silent companion that you ignore because you practically don’t even notice them.