August 14, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Transition time. Do you miss it? Do you notice it’s gone? 

Another blurred line for many people is the time traveling to work, returning home, going to get lunch, walking to meetings, traveling to and from kids’ events, even going to the grocery store for many people. 

If you’re someone who travels from your office to your kitchen for lunch, or from your kitchen to your couch for a scenery change, it requires effort to create a real sense of transition. 

Any of us who feel “trapped” in one location for too long can begin to go stir crazy, question ourselves or our lives, lose our mojo or become depressed, or at the very least lessen our joy every day.  

Consider adding in transition time. Things like: 

  • Get in the car and drive around. Even if you don’t take a walk, you’ll see new sights, move and listen to a radio or partner in the car – it helps. 
  • Go get your mail, walk your dog (the ones who believe they’ve won the lottery in 2020 as their humans are around and attentive more than ever), break up a long walk into 2-3 short walks throughout your day. 
  • Exercise. Walk, get a treadmill for under your desk, a balance ball to sit on, a riser for your computer or desk so you can stand, walk up and down your stairs, pull weeds out of your yard while on a phone call, walk while you’re having a phone meeting, really anything to not sit all day. You can drink more water, that way you’ll need to get up more often and refill as well as use a rest room, always good for you. 
  • Make a sign for your door (if you have one) so your co-workers know when to leave you alone. 
  • Put on music you love, turn off the computer and dance – 3-5 minutes can change your mood and move your body, and no one needs to know!!!!! 
  • Meditate. Stop yourself at least 3 times each day to pause and take 1-5 minutes to center yourself, interrupting whatever you’re doing and breathe. Game. Changer. 
  • At the very least, set an alarm to get up every 60-90 minutes. You will be better all day and so will your body.