April 4, 2023 5:25 am Published by

Time is our greatest currency. 

As a coach my time is my inventory. 

Taking the time to understand how many days I’ll work with clients, build my business, do administrative tasks and ideate is critical to clarify what I say YESS! and no to. 

Equally important is knowing how I spend my time outside of work. 

Taking the time to define priorities with family, friends, rest, health, home, recreation, finance, learning, and spirituality clarifies my optimal recipe for joy and fulfillment in life. This also clarifies what to say YESS! and no to. 

This is the foundation for living a fulfilling and disciplined life for me. 

It forces me to weigh opportunities and realize what I’ll be giving up or changing when new things catch my attention (costs and benefits). It’s not always easy, but it helps me to say no more clearly. 

For me, this is the foundation for what others call “balance.” 

Having time enables everything else and is worth the discipline of learning what you need proportionally. We’re all different, there isn’t one answer. 

Do you know?