June 29, 2022 5:22 am Published by

What do you need to know when adding to your team? 

It can be summed up with a few questions that may get to the core; the rest is art and science combined. 

Three questions to consider which can simplify how you think about adding to your team: 

  1. Who are you?  

This is a core value question, listening for alignment with your company’s core values. This is an art; if it’s not your skillset, hire it out. 

  1. What problems do you solve? 

This gets at skills, capacity, and is a more creative way to ask questions about people’s skillsets from a more strategic perspective and listen from a place of solving rather than offering. It’s subtle, yet a powerful way to hear perspective. 

  1. What work do you want to do? (or what do you love to do) 

This is a great question to find out someone’s highest and best use as well as more subtly let people know you care. When you ask this, the assertion behind it is that you and your interests matter to us.  

Simplifying the questions you ask is important in a world challenged to attract talent.