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This Works EVERY Time #213

What’s the secret sauce for exceeding your expected results as a person or within your business? If there was one simple answer, wouldn’t that make it all easier? If there was one key ingredient the most successful people use, what would it be? Well, I don’t love the answer, nor do most of my friends who lead.

The best answer I’ve consistently heard to this question is to say “NO” to EVERYthing misaligned with your plan – this applies personally and professionally. This is why most leaders need a leadership team who is completely aligned with where they are going and how they will get there.

When your team is aligned, they are committed and willing to be accountable for the results. It means no one, including the owner, boss, or any person in charge, is exempt from push back when they suggest, chase, or try to sell the team on the “shiny” stuff.

It means the team helps one another when they forget, seek an easier way, or try to add to the team’s already full plates. As a YESS! person, this is challenging for me. I need the team to push back, remind me of our shared goals, and stay accountable to the magic of recommitting when “new” looks more interesting.

It’s not easy, but it absolutely works. EVERY time.

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