September 3, 2021 5:09 am Published by

I was learning from Christopher Lochhead today and he said so many profoundly interruptive things to my preconditioned thinking I was left reeling – in a good way. 

When someone comes along and metaphorically grabs you by the shoulders, looks you in the eyes and shakes you up by challenging you to think about your thinking (because really that’s what thinking is), your world changes. 

I’m not sure where I’ve landed just yet, I have work to do sifting through the rubble in my mind.  

I am letting this one soak in, so will leave you with it as well, “Don’t let the past or present interfere with your vision of the future.” 

Believing what’s possible is the only way anything new happens. Creation is not reinventing the past or present. It’s imagining what’s possible and inviting reality to that possibility.