September 25, 2020 7:00 am Published by

There are three approaches to learning something new. You can use these in onboarding employees, with children and with yourself as you approach new learning opportunities. This includes most of 2020. 

Some people think their way to learning. They like to analyze, gather data, watch others, read about the topic, watch videos, talk with people and once sure of their path, proceed forward to do it well once. They are more risk averse and quality guides their learning process. 

People who prefer to watch and learn do best when you pair them with a top performer and they can observe, ride shotgun and then make it their own. They will customize their approach, modifying what they’ve observed and are comfortable with some risk, though they want to be sure of their footing based on their own observations. Though they may read and analyze, working with a person is best. 

People who learn through doing take an experiential approach. They’d rather be given a summary, and get into action as soon as possible. They rely on their brains, ability to land on their feet and their gut to guide them. They tend to be comfortable with risk and also making mistakes. They believe you’re either winning or you’re learning.  

None of these approaches is better than another. Knowing how people learn will expedite the process and create a more enjoyable journey. If you’re unsure, ask someone this question:  

When in your life were you learning the most? What was happening?  

Don’t make the mistake of a one size fits all approach. It could make the difference in your joy along the way.