December 20, 2021 5:25 am Published by

What will this cost me? 

I was facilitating a session with a team and this gem of a question dropped from one of the wise leaders on the team. 

She was explaining how taxing it can be when people react with high emotion to situations at work. Even when the message is spot on, you can lose people along the way to the message.  

I can relate to this.  

When I’m present and grounded, I can reframe my frustration or complaints into requests. When I’m running too hard, recurring mistakes happen, or there’s a lack of accountability, I am keenly aware my veneer is too thin, and I deliver a reasonable message with an overzealous overtone. 

Inserting this simple question in my thinking has allowed me to calculate the cost of delivery when my emotions run high. Pausing to think about my thinking has been a great add during this festive season. 

How about you? 

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