March 29, 2019 10:00 am Published by

They’re Not the Same #30

Information, knowledge and wisdom. They’re not the same. Often, people treat them as if they are the same.  

Our world is filled with information; you can “Google” anything, watch a YouTube about how to do most things and learn without interacting with anyone or anything other than a screen. Many people think this is the same as knowledge. 

Knowledge is when you can take that information (no matter the source) and apply it to what’s happening, or any other variation of situations where that information would be useful. You can apply it and adapt it as necessary ensuring a good outcome because there’s some practice with the information in different situations, including the original information coupled with your experience and creativity. 

Wisdom comes with time, mistakes, bumps, bruises, successes and wins with all the knowledge gained through countless experiences. Wisdom bears all the scars and celebrations of time-tested results. It comes over time and includes self-awareness and learning. Wisdom includes the open-minded curiosity of a beginner coupled with the hard-earned lessons of experience. It’s less common to recognize wisdom in a world overrun with people spouting information mistaken as knowledge or experience.