July 2, 2021 5:49 am Published by

It’s all about the reps. 

I was in a group meeting and one of the participants had detailed data behind how he had generated $250,000 this quarter. Everyone’s ears perked up. We all enjoy being seduced by great results. 

When he said “wait, I’ll tell you exactly how I did that…” we all leaned in, thinking we’d hear the “secret” recipe to significant financial impact. 

When he share the number of deals he lost, the number of “no’s” or non-responses, and then those who would “think about it,” along with his minimum 5 hours per week of practice, I noticed almost everyone leaned out. 

He then shared how he journals every day to capture what he learns and observe his patterns for performance or lack thereof. 

We were all impressed and disappointed based on the commentary. Everyone wanted an easier way. There isn’t one. James Clear says it this way: 

“You don’t need a better computer to become a writer.  

You don’t need a better guitar to become a musician. 

You don’t need a better camera to become a photographer.  

What you need is to get to work.” 

Showing up isn’t enough. It’s all about the reps – practice, practice, practice. Whether you like it or not, results require discipline. There is no easy way.