April 15, 2021 5:39 am Published by

Thinking I know better has gotten me in trouble. 

As we forge ahead in 2021, I find myself hearing consistent messages I’ve either resisted or thought I had a better answer for.  

The good news: the messages get louder and are offered with a frequency I can’t ignore. I refer to them as a 2 x 4 smacking me between the eyes. It seems to be the way I learn once and for all, though it’s a more painful route. I’m still working to change that, my stubbornness seems to be in the way. 

The bad news: heeding the messages later requires more change and also costs more, a lot more. It costs more time, more energy, and more money. Instead of doing things once well, we need to undo some things as well as do some things while learning new habits. Yes, this is a more challenging route. 

I also know this isn’t the last time I’ll confront myself in this way. I believe I’m getting better at seeing my patterns and hearing the messages sooner. 

Watch for my bruises followed by changes at YESS!.