November 15, 2022 5:27 am Published by

One of our core values is “doing work you love with people you love.”  This is meaningful to our incredible team to measure behavioral accountability, AND we use it in assessing our clients as well.  

It causes us to reflect on our attention to their needs, special things that make their experience as good as it can be (as we do our challenging work while gracefully working through the tough stuff) while also assessing their partnership or lack thereof. 

Recently we had two clients we reflected on and determined it was time to question our partnership. When we realize we may not be the right partner for them, we focus on every detail we can to improve. For me, this includes my facilitation, vulnerability, and experience as a partner.  

It sounds subjective, yet it’s visceral.  

As we’ve matured into our work with processes, experience, and commitment, we can feel when it’s not aligned with teams before, during, and after our sessions. Over time, we’ve either built enough trust or we haven’t. 

We owe them our 100%. When we’ve done that, it’s time to ask the questions. 

  1. Do you trust the process? 

  1. Do you trust me? 

If no to either question, it’s time to stop.  

We released one client and turned the corner with the other.  

Both were liberating. It’s easy and fun again…for everyone. 

It takes courage to truly live your values. We’re not the right partner for everyone … that’s good news.