August 8, 2022 5:23 am Published by

When I began writing 1,000 blogs, I never imagined one of the most incredible outcomes from this journey would be capturing my thoughts throughout a pandemic. 

As I anticipate the completion of this goal, I’m getting excited about reviewing my musings over the course of nearly four years, especially with the crazy path we’ve been on during this time. 

I’ve never thought about the value of documenting my experiences, ramblings, and learnings beyond my journal. My journal is more helpful to declutter my thinking, and while the blog has served this purpose at times, it’s different.  

What a gift to receive intangible benefits I’d never imagined as I meandered through my writing adventure. 

When expectations aren’t met (which is most of the time by the way), we are either disappointed due to expectations missed, or surprised / delighted due to expectations exceeded.  

This delightful surprise is one I hope to remind myself of during a journey that only happens once a century. 

How cool is that?