July 12, 2021 5:53 am Published by

When I think of excellence, it means something different for me. In fact, we all define what excellence means differently. 

At work, excellence is a core value. In fact, we say it’s the “relentless pursuit of excellence” on our little team. It is the single most defining factor for who we attract and retain. 

It’s made hiring more challenging, in fact, we’ve had a hard time finding the right person to be our admin.  

I’ve questioned what that means to us, about us and reflected on it over time. I’ve also returned countless times with the response that we’ll maintain our bar for behavior and performance. It can’t be one without the other.  

This means it will take time and patience. Neither of which are convenient or natural to me. 

James Clear once again soothed my nerves this week with this quote: “A surprisingly effective way to get what you want is to not settle for less than what you want. It doesn’t always work—you can’t force the world to be a certain way—and you may need healthy doses of patience and doggedness, but your life bends toward what you accept.” 

I agree. Excellence for us is non-negotiable. We will return to the pursuit. Know someone? Please refer them to us.