August 21, 2020 7:00 am Published by

@FredStokes is a Superbowl champion, an entrepreneur, a gifted speaker and an incredible human. Thanks to @ChrisWhite, he’s also my friend. 

One of the many gifts of learning from a diverse group of people over the course of my career has been the synthesizing of messages. You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears?” 

Fred was presenting to one of my favorite groups recently and he shared a message so powerful, it anchored the lesson for many of us participating in that meeting.  

One person was transitioning in their career in a big way and during their description of feelings and concerns, shared many career successes and accomplishments. In transitioning away from that career, they said they were struggling with the need to prove themselves in their new venture.  

Fred waited to let this person fully express all their concerns and challenges with the Imposter Syndrome they were describing and simply said “I have one correction, you have nothing to prove, only a gift to offer.” 

As we all basked in the pregnant silence that followed that gem of a lesson, the message landed fully with all of us, including the person it was intended for. It was a game changer. Heard and received, I needed it that day as well.  

I am clear of my value and my gifts. I have nothing to prove. It was the perfect message at the perfect time. 

Thanks to the vulnerable friend who shared for me to learn, thank you for your gift @FredStokes.