March 28, 2023 5:05 am Published by

I often say, the universe is conspiring to work with you. 

When I look at my life retrospectively, like most people, I find things make better sense than when I’m in the thick of the journey. 

This means, when I’m struggling, it’s likely there are other things at work in my favor, but my default habitual behavior is preventing the new opportunity from emerging. 

Life is sneaky this way. 

When it’s difficult, look in the mirror. 

Ask a question. 

Become curious instead of digging in.  

Allow what’s emerging to draw you forward.  

That way, it seems magical. It’s as if you only have to ask and the right people, things, and opportunities are responding in concert with your highest aspirations. 

That’s how it works when you realize letting go is the path.