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21 days a habit makes…we’ve all heard it are we heeding it?  

As we continue this journey into our COVID-19 world, what are you doing consistently? Do you recognize what this unique timeframe is offering in terms of assessing what is essential, non-essential, beneficial and not worthwhile? In times of volatility, opportunities are abundant, such as: 

  • Observing the true character of people 
  • Alignment with your core values (or lack of alignment) 
  • Recognizing flaws in systems and processes 
  • Appreciating the resiliency of spirit 
  • Experiencing extraordinary commitment (or lack thereof) 
  • Ingenuity and Creativity 
  • Building a better future 
  • Appreciation of simple pleasures 
  • Increasing expressions of gratitude and kindness 
  • Opportunities for deeper connection and meaning 
  • Solving problems  
  • Helping people 
  • Connecting with our humanity 
  • Reconciliation between our words and our actions  
  • Taking action on what truly matters 
  • Letting go of what doesn’t matter 

Are you seizing the opportunities? If not, pay attention to what you are and are not doing. It’s showing you who and what you truly value. 

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