March 31, 2023 5:35 am Published by

We’re embarking on a remodel of one level of our house. It’s exciting, AND, we’ve been down this road before in another home. 

Similar to beginning anything, for me, the beginning is the best. We get to dream, envision, transform – it doesn’t matter if it’s our home or a leadership team, our business or someone else’s. Seeing the future and moving it into reality is one of the things I enjoy most. 

The difference is when it’s my home, it’s fun to begin and end. 

The mess, quite literally, is in the middle. Or in this case, the entire process from demolition to final punch list. 

It’s not lost on me that transformation of anything – physical or personal – is messy, painful, and imperfect. It’s riddled with unforeseen obstacles and opportunities. 

Gracefully embracing the mess is growth. Remembering that when it’s not working is wisdom. 

It really never ends; transformation (or remodeling) results in the next beautiful version. 

And so it begins.