July 27, 2020 10:10 am Published by

There seems to be two different experiences during 2020. 

There are those who are developing new hobbies, adopting or adding pets, cooking, gardening, Netflix binge watching, reading and learning all kinds of new things virtually. 

There are those who are working harder than ever, putting in hours as long or longer than they have prior to the pandemic, spending their time solving new problems, adjusting, working through ways to be resilient at home, in their businesses, with their families and schooling, feeling stress, and wondering where the other people find time for all the self-care and fun they are having. 

There is no one way people are coping and learning their way through 2020, it is a complex situation with varied inputs, challenges, and opportunities for each of us. 

If you’re not realizing gains from all the work, seizing the opportunities offered during the recession and working yourself to the bone, it may be time to gain some perspective and take a look at what’s working and not while you are working so hard. 

We’ll never return to the “way that it was” again. What will you do to adjust for the long run?