August 25, 2023 5:25 am Published by

As busy leaders, we can’t do it all. Even if we could, there are always things we put off or dread when we see them on the calendar. Wouldn’t it be better if we came to work energized every day, excited about all we had to contribute? It’s possible, and Delegate and Elevate™ is the EOS® tool to get you there.  

This is a quarterly exercise, and you begin by listing out all the tasks you do into one of the 4 categories below. The goal is to categorize everything you do, so it may take a few passes to get everything listed. Tasks can include everything from managing email to training new employees to performance reviews – just get it out of your head and on paper!  

  • Love/Great At 
  • Like/Good At 
  • Don’t Like/Good At
  • Don’t Like/Not Good At

What you find on the page likely won’t surprise you – we tend to tackle the things we’re good at and procrastinate the tasks we don’t enjoy. That’s normal and makes us human. What might surprise you, however, is that someone else actually loves the tasks you don’t like.  

Your next step is simple – delegate as many of the tasks as possible below the horizontal line – in other words, as much as you can of what you don’t like. 

When you let go of what you don’t like and aren’t good at, it has the biggest positive impact on you and the business. It’s our job as leaders to spend our time on things we love and are great at, or at least like and are good at, because it creates the most value for our business and our teams. Imagine if your team came to work and they mostly did things they love and are great at or like and are good at – you would have an unstoppable company. 

Do this exercise on your next Clarity Break™ and find all the opportunities you have for happier work – you deserve it.