February 17, 2023 5:26 am Published by

In many ways, I rely on reframing my mindset to do hard things. 

When a cardinal shows up outside my window, I know Mahtab is with me and all is well. 

When good things happen amidst challenges, I focus on them rather than the challenge and it fuels me forward. 

When I’d rather not exercise, I look to my daughter’s persistence when it’s hard and remind myself if she can, I can. 

When I’d rather stay home because it’s easier, I show up to a dinner with dear friends who both listen and make us laugh. 

While it would be easier to avoid the feelings, having them, sharing them, and doing what feels difficult in the moment fortifies my power. 

It’s not easy for anyone all the time.  

Do it and the feelings follow.  

I am better for all of it.