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As most of us are managing an immense amount of change at a staggering pace right now, what can you do to energize yourself daily?


  1. Create some. Whether you are a pro at working from home or not, you need a dedicated space, a schedule, breaks, and discipline in your day. Are you getting enough activity? Schedule it in. Find 10 minutes, three times a day to be active. Sit-ups, walking, climbing up and down your stairs, getting outside, and stretching are ways to incorporate movement. When you’re in front of a screen all day, your eyes and brain will fatigue faster. Some of us need to get ready and dress for work every day as well; it changes our mindset.
  2. Organizing the world around you will also help. You can do a little or a lot, it will offer a sense of control when your space is pleasing to you. Also, you may need to change your space to work – I walk at my treadmill desk and write from the couch. I find I’m more creative when I’m comfortable.
  3. Find things to laugh about and celebrate every day. EVERY day. It’s too serious to be taken seriously all the time. Turn off the news and find the memes, the jokes, and the animal videos. You will be better for it! Too much news brings you down. Be aware of how your attitude, mood, and optimism (or lack thereof) is impacted when you overdose on media. Get outside, have a virtual happy hour, be silly, dance, tell jokes, and let it go. I promise it will still be there when you return. Remember, no news is good news.

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