May 17, 2021 5:00 am Published by

You know, recently I’ve been rediscovering how simple it is to make people happy. 

It’s two simple words and it seems to be a superpower these days. What are they? Follow through.  

When I look around me, there is some normalization happening regarding stopping short of completing agreements and tasks. Maybe it’s just us? Please comment and let me know. 

Our vet, the people we’ve hired to help us with some home projects and other colleagues I’m interfacing with right now all seem to do things part way, and unless we reach out, they’re good with the incompletion. It seems like getting things done has become as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. 

When I mentioned the vet, they “forgot” to draw Spanky’s blood when he was there. This was an essential component of our visit. As a result, we needed to make a second trip. 

This is a current state for us, maybe I’ve got heightened awareness, maybe not.  

Regardless, the door is open for those of us who value doing things once well. We will find other resources and also speed past our competition because we are willing to do the simple things they don’t.